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What is the BLR?


Rooming Houses, Student Housing in Barrie

The BLR is the City of Barrie’s Boarding, Lodging and Rooming House bylaw.  This bylaw requires landlords of certain types of dwellings to apply for a license and have their premises inspected to make sure they meet building and fire code standards.
BLR - Boarding, Lodging, Rooming houses must comply with standards set out in the City's property standards By-Law, as well as standards set out in the Ontario Fire Code relating to the operating of Boarding Rooming Lodging Houses.
Boarding Lodging Rooming Houses may only operate in locations as permitted by the city's zoning bylaw. Recent amendments to the city's zoning bylaw established new standards for the operation including a provision that any newly created boarding lodging rooming house is required to be a minimum of 75 metres away from any other licensed boarding lodging rooming house.
The identification, inspection and licensing of Boarding Lodging Rooming Houses on an annual basis will help to ensure a safe living environment for residents and maintain minimum standards within the community.
Under the City's Zoning by-law a Large Boarding Lodging Rooming House provides lodging for more than six (6) tenants. A Small Boarding Lodging Rooming House provides lodging for more than four (4) tenants but not more than six (6) tenants or lodging for one to four tenants if any of the rented rooms contain external locks.


According to the City of Barrie

Every BLR house (small or large, new or existing) must be licensed by the City. Written verification that the BLR house is in compliance with the requirements of the Ontario Building Code, Fire Code and the City’s Property Standards By-law must be provided to the By-law Services Office. 



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Boarding, lodging and rooming houses brochure aka Student housing - info pamphlet what you need to know for Barrie, Ontario Canada
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